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  • The Great Garage Clean Out-2017!!

    Everyone worked very hard for 2 days straight! However, there was some time for a little bit of fun!

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  • Olver Scholarship

    Greenfield Recorder- Tuesday, October 3, 2017

    Glen Ohlund given Olver Scholarship

    SPRINGFIELD- Glen Ohulund, Community develpment director of Rural Development Inc./Franklin county Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority, has been awarded the Congressman John W. Olver Scholarship to attend the NeighborWorks America Training Institute(NTI).

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    As of Wednesday, September 20,2017, the Town of Montague deemed the 5th Street Bridge pedestrian walkway is closed off due to unsafe conditions. However, vehicles are still allowed to cross the bridge in both directions. The 6th Street Bridge is to be used as the safe alternative for pedestrians.

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