RAFT & ERMA Emergency Rental Assistance

Are you unable to pay your rent or mortgage due to COVID-19?

Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) Emergency Rental & Mortgage Assistance (ERMA) For individuals and families at risk of being displaced or forced to leave due to their homes due to COVID-19 employment loss, there are programs that can help. RAFT and ERMA are programs that can provide eligible households up to $10,000 to help keep their housing, obtain new housing, or otherwise avoid becoming homeless, regardless of source of income or lack of income.

 How is ERMA Different from RAFT?

RAFT is targeted to households up to 50%AMI while ERMA focuses on households between 50- 80% AMI.

Household Size  Annual Income Limit for RAFT

Annual Income for ERMA

1 $29.900 $47,850
$34,200 $54,650
3 $38,450 $61,500
4 $42,700 $68,300
5 $46,150 $73,800
6 $49,550 $79,250

READ MORE for eligibility requirements: RAFT/ERMA Flyer

 If you meet the eligibility requirements and live in Franklin County, please click on the link(s) below to fill out an application:

Tenant/Homeowner RAFT-ERMA Application Forms (PDF)                      RAFT/ERMA Online Application
English:Tenant/Homeowner Application(PDF)                                                Solicitud RAFT/ERMA - FCRHRA - Espanol
Spanish:Tenant/Homeowner Application(PDF)
Chinese:Tenant/Homeowner Applicatoin(PDF)
Haitian Creole:Tenant/Homeowner Application(PDF)
Khmer:Tenant/Homeowner Applicaiton(PDF)
Portuguese:Tenant/Homeowner Application(PDF)
Russian:Tenant/Homeowner Application(PDF)
Vietnamese:Tenant/Homeowner Application(PDF)

Tenant Consent Forms: Click here:

Landlord RAFT-ERMA Application
Forms:                                Landlord RAFT-ERMA online Application
English:Landlord Application(PDF)
Spanish:Landlord Application(PDF)
Chinese:Landlord Application(PDF)
Haitian Creole:Landlord Application(PDF)
Khmer:Landlord Application(PDF)
Portuguese:Landlord Application(PDF)
Russian:Landlord Application(PDF)
Vietnamese:Landlord Application(PDF)

Have you lost income because of the COVID-19 crisis?  Can't pay your rent or utilities? 
You may qualify for rental assistance. 
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