Affordable housing for sale

Affordable Single Family Home in Wendell, MA

Organization: Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Single Family Home in Wendell.pdf.png

Description: 3 BR, 1.5 BA, 1152 SF Cape in a quiet area of Wendell.   Built in 2006.   Approx. 3 years remaining on affordability Deed Rider.   Solar panels not only provide all electric needs, but generate a credit from the electric company! 3.66 tree filled acres with room for a veggie garden.  Efficient Buderus boiler. Base price established $207,924.  Downpayment assistance may be available   Contact Jen Morrow for application at 413-863-9781

Household Size    Income Limit Guide: 

1 member                    $44,800

2 members                   $51,650

3 members                   $58,100

4 members                   $64,550

5 members                   $69,750

Application Deadline: December 15th 2018.   Closing must occur prior to January 26, 2019.