Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
HCV Payment Standards And Utility Allowances
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Created by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1978, the Housing Choice Voucher program, also known as Section 8, provides assistance to eligible low- and moderate-income families to rent housing in the private market. The program works as a rental subsidy that allows families to pay a reasonable amount of their income toward their rent. Eligible families will receive a voucher to begin searching for housing. Generally, families will pay no more than 30% of their adjusted monthly income toward their rent share. HRA pays the remaining amount to the owner on the family's behalf. This payment to the owner is known as the Housing Assistance Payment. Participants with a voucher are free to find private housing anywhere provided that it meets the requirements of the program.

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Current HCV program participants can download their annual recertification paperwork here

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Eligibility for the HCV program is determined by annual gross family income and family size. During the application process, HRA will collect information concerning income, assets and family composition. All of this information will be verified with a third party such as a bank or other local agencies and will be used to determine eligibility and the amount of assistance the family qualifies for. Participants must comply with all program requirements, including completing their annual certification, accommodating Housing Quality Standards inspections, allowing property owners to make any needed repairs, and adhering to the terms of their lease.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program
Current HCV program participants may also be eligible to participate in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Click here for more information.

Project Based Voucher Program
Similar to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, Project Based Housing Choice Vouchers require tenants to pay 30% of their income towards rent. However, whereas the regular Section 8 subsidy is tied to a tenant, the Project Based HCV subsidy is attached to a designated unit. Prior to occupying a Project Based HCV unit, eligible households will be provided with detailed information that explains their rights and responsibilities under the program.

Request for Proposal: Developers for Project Based Housing Program:
The Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) requests proposals from developers for the Project-Based Voucher (PBV) Program. The PBV program is designed to conform to the Project-Based Voucher Program Final Rule published on October 13, 2005 at 24 CFR Part 983. PBV applications are being accepted for up to eight (8) Vouchers for a new construction project in Sunderland, Massachusetts that contain the following: Click here for more informaiton